Friday, May 31, 2013

Farm Friday

We're entering our busy season.  Bill commented to a friend that we're like CPAs during tax season - crazy busy!  Tomorrow is opening day at our local farmers' market so we have to rise early to set up before customers arrive.  We're also getting ready to have more regular CSA customers as our summer/fall shares start next week.  Next week, we'll be opening our on site farm store one afternoon a week.  Since I don't expect a steady stream of customers, I'll use that time to catch up on weeding the flower beds and doing any other necessary work in and around the farmhouse.

Several of our animals now have new homes.  This past week we moved the pigs from a barn stall to their final pasture home.  We had to keep them in the barn until they became tame and large enough that they couldn't get out of the fence.  They're really enjoying their new digs!

We also put our portable chicken coops and fences in two grassy areas and last night moved the "teenagers" from the barn into their new homes.  Unfortunately, they're so used to being inside that they're afraid to come out of the coops!  Time will change that problem.

I plan to take more photos of the farm and the farmers' market to share next week.

Have a great weekend!

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EcoGrrl said...

can't wait for new photos - and make sure your hubby takes a pic of you at your farmer's market booth!!