Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wellness Wednesday

Spring has finally sprung here - although it actually feels more like summer (I'm not complaining).  Since I'm a little late on getting out my usual Wednesday post, I'm going to take the easy way out and just remind people to get off your seats and walk now that the weather is nice.  Almost anyone can do it and it's great for your health.  Below are some benefits listed on Rodale's website:

It can reduce your risk for diabetes.
It can improve your sex life.
It saves you money you'd spend on a gym (not a health benefit but still good).
It might help you get off medication(s) (both a health and a financial benefit).
It helps relieve pain from fibromyalgia.
It improves the survival rate for breast cancer victims.
It reduces the risk of stroke.
It lowers your risk of dementia.

And if you live in a city, walking can help you meet your neighbors and develop community.  If you live in the country, it can improve your appreciation of the natural world.  

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