Friday, April 19, 2013

Farm Friday

Once again I'm late posting Farm Friday.  It may seem that I've abandoned my blog, but it's just that life happens and can occasionally prevent me from blogging.  I'm also getting used to having a paid job again so there have been some adjustments to my schedule.

The weather still isn't fully cooperating, but Bill has been able to plant some of the gardens.  We've also entered the third week of our CSA and, despite the problems with the weather, we have provided every one of our members with a full share at each delivery.

Over the winter, I grew some basil from cuttings and nursed them through the winter season.  I was finally able to plant them in the garden at the farm house, thinking that we were done with cold weather.  Now the weather forecast is for a few nights in the 30s - I don't know if the basil will be able to survive.  On a positive note, several of my other herbs are coming back really well and should survive the cold temps.  

We've been caring for our new chicks in the basement and they've outgrown their home - a child's wading pool.  They had started to hop in and out of it so it was time to move them.  Yesterday, we put them in a barn stall and they seem happy with their new place.

Tomorrow is the first of several open houses/field days that our organization - Chemical-Free Farms of Southern Virginia - is hosting.  This one is at a fellow member's farm and we will be there to lend support and to share information about our farm.  Next Saturday, we will be hosting the event at our farm and we've been busy getting ready for it.  My plan is to take photos to share in future "Farm Friday" posts.

Have a great weekend!

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EcoGrrl said...

You posted on Friday, it's not late! :) Basil I never plant til late May at the earliest, like tomatoes.