Saturday, April 6, 2013

Something to Think About

The past couple of weeks I've been puzzled - and angry at times - about something that occurred to me.  

Due to the hard work and sacrifice of those involved in the civil rights movement, individuals today are protected against discrimination due to race.  Although it is supposed to apply to sex as well, it is far from true.  Women can still face discrimination, be treated as "less than," and have no legal recourse.  What I'm talking about is women in religious organizations.  Religious leaders can tell women they cannot hold the same positions as men.  Why?  Because they say so.  Because they hold up their holy texts and say they interpret them in such a way that prevents women from serving in certain positions.  Because they say it is commanded by God.

How can this be?  Why is it okay for women in certain religious organizations - Southern Baptist, Roman Catholic, Mormon, Orthodox Judaism, and Eastern Orthodox - to be discriminated against?  Prior to the civil rights movement, some of these same religious groups felt their holy books clearly prevented individuals of a certain racial background from holding priestly positions.  Thank goodness, this is no longer true.  Yet women continue to be discriminated against simply because they are women.  And the law allows it!  Proof to me that women are still second class citizens.

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