Friday, April 12, 2013

Farm Friday

The weather has finally warmed up!  We were afraid we wouldn't see spring - although what we have experienced so far is actually more summer than spring.  In fact, just one hour north of here they experienced a record high of 91 degrees!

Bill was afraid he wouldn't be able to plant anything until spring was over because the ground has been too wet.  However, earlier in the week he did go out and put some transplants in one of the gardens.  (In the photos, he's hidden by some mustard greens that bolted.)

On Thursday the ground was finally dry enough to plow so Bill spent most of the day plowing and planting.  Since it was a CSA delivery day, I told him to keep doing what he was doing - rain was forecast for last night (and it did) - and I delivered the shares to our customers by myself.

I did a bit of gardening at the farm house - what we call the "Old House."  I worked on the flower beds around the house.  I  planted a few flower bulbs, transplanted some daffodil and grape hyacinth bulbs that had naturalized in the yard, and planted some purple coneflower (aka echinacea) seed that I had saved from last year.  I also transplanted some chives that I had grown in a container and planted some dill seed in a raised bed.  Some of the perennial herbs, such as the French tarragon, are coming back, and some of the annual herbs reseeded and are starting to grow.

In the house, the snake plants are amazing me.  The one that had started to bloom now has a second bloom.  I realized that this is the one that bloomed last year.  But now my other snake plant also has a bloom coming up.  Here's a photo of the first bloom which has opened:
Although our dog Ginny is not enjoying this warm weather - she's a dog who sometimes likes to lie down in the snow - our cat Dixie is glad she's no long has to sleep on the heat vents:

Have a great weekend!

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