Thursday, January 31, 2013


No Littering!
Tuesday was a beautiful day - in the 70s.  My dog Ginny and I regularly walk to our mailbox but in the wintertime, that's about the extent of our walks.  However, since the day was warm and clear, I decided to venture further out and take a little walk down our road, along the edge of our front pasture.  That walk reminded me of how angry I used to get and why I had to take a break from walking.  

Beer cans, lots of them, plus odds and ends of trash, all along the short route I took.  The trash is bad enough, but the beer cans are wrong on so many levels:

1) It has to be the same person because it is always the same brand.  

2) That person is drinking and driving.  

3) I can assume with confidence that the cans are thrown out of the car window during the day, meaning they're drinking in the middle of the day.  

4) The odds are that the person is on his (I also assume it's a man) way to and/or from work - the cans are on both sides of the road so it might be both.  

5) This person is likely a "neighbor" as very few city people drive out this way for jobs.  

6) And of course, this person thinks it is perfectly acceptable to throw out of his car window whatever he happens to be done with at the time and has no respect for other people or their property.  

So, to summarize, I have a disrespectful neighbor, going to and from work, drinking and driving in the middle of the day, and pitching beer cans as he goes.  What kind of person does that?

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Deanna said...

Sigh...we have the same issue here. And since we live on a dead end road the trash almost has to be from people who live around here. The stuff that really bugs me is styrofoam, though. If it's hidden in weeds and gets hit by the brush hog or mowers it's a huge mess to pick up.