Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wellness Wednesday

Scientists are now examining the role of chemicals in our struggles with weight.  According to Paula Baillie-Hamilton, an expert on metabolism and environmental toxins, "the earth's environment has changed significantly during the last few decades because of the exponential production and usage of synthetic organic and inorganic chemicals."  As a result, Baillie-Hamilton believes our natural weight-control mechanisms have been damaged.  She believes that some of the culprits are the endocrine-disruptors found in a variety of plastics, pesticides, and other chemical compounds.  These endocrine-disruptors mimic hormones and affect our metabolism.

Avoiding these chemicals requires rethinking our food and personal care products.  Try to eat as many organic and close-to-nature foods as possible.  Avoid prepackaged foods that contain ingredients we don't recognize as food.  Also, swap out chemical-laden toiletries in favor of those composed of natural ingredients.  Don't forget that chemicals are also linked to a variety of diseases so it's still a good idea to eliminate them even if you are not struggling with weight problems.

Although there is a link between chemicals and our metabolism, weight control also depends upon consuming fewer calories and getting regular exercise.


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Shona~ LALA dex press said...

indeed, not everything can be blamed on chemical.

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