Monday, June 6, 2011

Uniform Dressing

This past weekend I read an interesting post by Deanna at Crunchy Chicken.  Her post was about how, in our consumerist society, clothing has become dirt cheap and we are driven to buy clothes that we don't need.  She talks about two women who spent a year wearing the same dress, something that probably seems shocking to some.  Deanna asked her readers if they would be willing to wear the same outfit or a uniform every day for a month and many commented that they could.

This discussion reminded me of an article I read (somewhere but I can't remember) about how people in the fashion business - the very ones that push the latest, greatest styles on us - actually wear uniforms!  Of course, they don't call it that; they sexily package it as their "signature style."  The people who are considered the epitome of style just say no to their own industry.  Something to think about.

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Shona~ LALA dex press said...

This is too funny I recently read somewhere that the best fashion advise they ever got was (something to the effect of) don't wear what the designers design, wear what the designers wear. I cannot figure out where I read it because it was pretty brilliant.

As a side note, I was examining my clothes yesterday and thinking about your one or two of each. Now I know you are thinking more minimal than this, but I have 3 tan skirts (2 are on heavy rotation) + 3 denim skirts (again, 2 are on heavy rotation). Got rid of the 3rd black skirt. I have a lot of 3's. Now to figure out which of the 3 pairs of jeans to get rid of...