Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Challenge

Happy Summer!  

My summer is taking a turn that I hadn't anticipated a couple of months ago.  In an earlier post, I commented on how I was thinking about taking a clothes shopping hiatus.  In response to this post, my friend Shona at LALA dex press asked me about this hiatus and challenged me to do it for an entire season.  Well, I've agreed to the time period and we're beginning the challenge today - no shopping for the entire summer!  Shona, like me, is on a quest to live a simpler, more meaningful life and mindless, unnecessary shopping is the antithesis of this type of life.  

I mentioned to Shona that I was a bit concerned about the timing of the challenge as I do have one event to attend and I'm not sure I have an appropriate outfit.  However, after reading this article on CNN about Amy Seiffert and then visiting her blog, I've decided I can manage.  You see, Amy decided to take a six-month challenge to wear the same dress every day in order to raise awareness and money for this cause - victims of sex trafficking.  During her six months, Amy had to attend formal events and found out she was pregnant.  Yet neither stopped her from pushing forward with her project and daily she found creative ways to wear the grey knit dress that she chose for the challenge.  If Amy could do that, I can shop my closet for three months.  

Shona and I aren't focusing on any particular cause.  We're just trying to simplify our lives and the world.  Not shopping means having less to worry about and care for.  Plus, it frees our resources so we can contribute to things that really matter to us.  This challenge also speaks to several issues that are important to me:  environmentalism; social justice; anti-consumerism; and simplicity.

Anyone else up for the challenge?


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I will admit that there was a bit of shopping this past week for my upcoming trip to June Lake, so initially this might be a real challenge, but I got out THE PHOTO (the one of my post-earthquake bedroom) + plan on referring to it as often as I need.

Thank you for doing this with me.

Cherie said...

Shona, :) Hope you have a fantastic trip to June Lake. I have good memories of the lake from my childhood. Glad to have a partner on this no-shopping journey!

Adrienne said...


I am going to give this some thought. I do have a list (which I posted today) of wardrobe items I am on the lookout for and if I happen to find those items at a good price, I will want to buy them. So perhaps no purchases this summer of items that are not on that list?

Cherie said...

Adrienne, of course you're welcome to participate. I find doing challenges to be a great way to change the way I see things and a way to change my behavior. If shopping from a list and avoiding impulse buys is what works for you, I say go for it!

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

For many months I have challenged myself to stick to my grocery list, so shopping from a list can most definately be a challenge!

AND I'm still working on the above.