Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Transformation Begins

Today I begin the process of turning the room previously known as "The Bonus Room" and used as my kids' recreation area into a room of my own.  Here are a few before photos:

I've cleaned it up a bit since taking the photos.  It has been a multi-purpose room lately and a lot of odds and ends have accumulated.  As you can see, there's a mattress and box springs temporarily housed in the room, but they will soon find a home in my son's room.  At 6'1" he has outgrown his twin beds.  

It's a very nice room - big, spacious, has two dormer windows with seats, cheery yellow walls, and beige berber carpet.  The upholstered furniture is old and has seen better days, so I'm going to have it recovered.  I'm thinking a cranberry and cream toile for the sofa 

and cranberry and cream mini-checks for the chair and ottoman,

along with some coordinating pillows on the furniture and in the window seats.   I'm working on putting together a nice work area, with a desk for working on the computer and studying, and a work area for crafts and sewing.  I'm also gathering my favorite craft, homemaking, and personal books to put on a bookshelf.  I also have some exercise equipment and DVDs that are scattered throughout the house.  I'm looking forward to having one room for all of my things and a place where projects don't need to be put away each day.  

I'll try to post photos as I make progress.  Please feel free to offer any suggestions!

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Deanna said...

I'm quite envious of the window seats. I look forward to seeing the transformation.