Thursday, June 24, 2010

Putting Things on Hold

I've just returned from a trip back to Tampa.  While I love to go back home, this trip was a bit different than most.  We had a minor disaster at our condominium.  There was a serious plumbing issue that affected three condominiums, including ours.  My husband's job is based out of Tampa so he frequently travels back and fourth between our home and our condo.  He hadn't been to the condo for a couple of weeks and returned late one night to a virtually destroyed kitchen.  Now I'm in the process of having our kitchen countertops, cabinets, and flooring replaced.  It's a bit complicated as I'm not there full-time and the renovation involves removal of the existing cabinets and flooring and the installation of the new.  Of course, this all requires the involvement of several trades.  So, over the next couple of months I'll be back and forth, coordinating everything.  

This might cause a slight delay in my much anticipated creation of "a room of my own."  On a bright note, I ordered and received the fabrics to reupholster my furniture:  a crimson and white toile and a crimson and white check, both by Waverly Fabrics.  My plan is to get the chair and ottoman to the reupholsterer next week so at least I'll be moving forward with the project.  In the meantime, I just need to push my grown children out of that room...

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