Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Dual Life

Yesterday evening I had to laugh at myself for leading such a dual life.  A friend said I must sometimes feel schizophrenic!  Here's what I'm talking about:

I was in the big city of Greensboro for a good part of yesterday.  I had a lot of errands to run and purchases to make.  Our closest *city,* Danville, leaves a lot to be desired as far as shopping is concerned.  (We don't even have a bookstore!)  Since some of my furniture has gotten a bit shabby, I went to a decorator fabric store called Printer's Alley where I browsed the isles for a while, trying to find just the right fabric.  Another thing I needed was new drinking glasses and, after an internet search, decided that Williams Sonoma carried just the right ones.  (By the way, that store makes me want to be a better cook.)  So, I headed over to Friendly Center, an upscale shopping area in Greensboro.  While there, I also stopped by Sheree's Natural Cosmetics to pick up a couple of items.  They ended up giving me a makeover!  One of my last stops was Earth Fare, where I did a bit of natural/organic grocery shopping before heading home. 

Now for the flip side of my life:  After having dinner, my son and I headed out to the barn pasture to do some goat wrangling.  One of our more skittish goats, Suzie,  gave birth to twins on Wednesday and I needed to get them all into a stall in the barn.  After much maneuvering and use of goat psychology, we got them all into the stall.  Another task was to make sure the babies were nursing properly as Suzie's milk bag is lopsided.  That involved milking her to decrease the size of one side.  It took a bit more goat psychology to catch her.  Then, while my son was holding her head, I was busy milking her down.  All the while, her babies were corralled in a large bucket, calling for their mama.

So, this is what a city girl does when she lives in the country.

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