Wednesday, August 19, 2009

No Bag Challenge Continues

So far so good on my *no bag challenge.* Besides the plastic bag that I was given the first week, when I specifically said no bag, I've only gotten one other bag. It was a very small paper bag given to me by a crafter friend who insisted I take something in exchange when I gave her some of my old beading supplies. I selected a pair of earrings and without thinking, let her slip them into a paper bag.

Several times I've found myself either in the grocery store or heading there when it dawned on me that I'd forgotten my bags. So, each time I returned to my car to retrieve the bags. It seems every store now sells reusable bags with their logos on them - the grocery store, the drug store, department store, you name it. With all of these reusable bags on the market and all the stores displaying them next to the cash registers, I have a couple of questions. Why do the sales clerks look puzzled when you actually come to the store with bags in hand and ask them to use them? Also, who is buying all these bags (and what do they do with them) because I almost never see anyone bringing bags into the stores? I'm starting to think that retailers are selling these bags as just another point of sale and not to be truly *green.* And the buyers are enjoying their *green* moment when they make the purchase. Sigh.....

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Wanda Barrett said...

What do you do about meat? I know you don't have to buy much of it, but when you do, do you also get a plastic bag for it? I hate doing that but I don't like the idea of packages of beef, chicken or pork sitting together, especially in my reusable bags.