Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Farm Happenings

Actually, we haven't had a lot of farm happenings. Things have been pretty quiet around here. We did have the one chick hatch while we were in Haiti and we now have a number of sitting hens. Two of our goats (Marla and Juliette) are supposed to be pregnant but we suspect one miscarried early on and the other one still doesn't look very pregnant. Our gardens haven't been as productive as in past years, probably because of more than usual rain and cooler temperatures. Both our onion and garlic crops were ruined and the okra isn't producing much. Bill said the eggplant doesn't look very good either. We were able to freeze enough green beans for the winter but lost the rest of the crop due to our week-long absence. The yellow squash hasn't done well either although I managed to freeze some. Bill planted another round of squash and is hoping they'll come in before the fall weather. On the other hand, we've had an abundance of cucumbers and tomatoes. I can't preserve the cukes but have been freezing the tomatoes for use in stews and spaghetti sauce. Hubby isn't feeling sorry for himself, though; he's already planning next year's gardens...

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Mamasong said...

I'm sorry your garden hasn't been as productive as you'd like.


Sorry about that, one of our kiddos came over to practice numbers :-)