Friday, August 14, 2009

More Spoiled Americans

The weekend after returning from Haiti I turned on the news to catch some of the headlines. One was the story about the fake bomb that was destroyed at LaGuardia airport in New York. Apparently someone thought it would be a good idea to assemble a fake bomb and take it through security at the airport. Of course, chaos and confusion reigned; all flights were cancelled. CNN interviewed a woman who was there waiting for her plane to take her home to Oregon. She proceeded to complain about the situation, that no one at the ticket counter knew what was going on, and that no one knew whether or not they could rebook her through Kennedy. She was indignant about the whole episode and concluded that she would just be glad to be home, the sooner the better. Huh? An unforeseeable event takes place at an airport and she is annoyed that airline employees can't snap their fingers and whisk her away to her happy home?

It really saddens me to see how spoiled we Americans have become. Rather than being grateful that it was a false alarm, rather than empathizing with the airline employees who were doing their best under trying circumstances, this woman cared only about her own comfort. She acted as if it were a deliberate attempt to ruin her trip and that she was entitled to kid glove treatment.

Let's show that we as a nation are better than that. Let's show some courtesy and patience next time things don't go as planned.

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