Tuesday, August 18, 2009

An American Hero

Last night I had the privilege of hearing Greg Mortenson speak. For those of you not familiar with his name, Mr. Mortenson has become well known through the best-selling book, Three Cups of Tea. He and his organization, Central Asia Institute, have built 130 schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan. He believes that education, especially the education of girls, is the key to peaceful relations in the world. He is passionate about this cause and has risked his life to bring educational opportunities to children in that corner of the world.

North Carolina State University had Mr. Mortenson speak as part of its freshman program. One of the student organizations challenged the students to donate one dollar each to the Pennies for Peace program. There are approximately 33,000 students at the school. Such a small gesture on the part of each student would raise enough money to build a school in Pakistan or Afghanistan. Imagine if every college and university student donated such a paltry sum? It could change the world.
If you haven't already read Three Cups of Tea, I encourage you to grab a copy and get ready to be inspired.

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