Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wellness Wednesday

Sharing another article about the health benefits of yoga (and a reminder to self about what I should be doing):

The New York Times reports that yoga is also good for bone health - something that is increasingly important as our population ages with some even reaching the century mark. The article recommends a series of poses that take 12 minutes to complete: 
The 12 poses...were tree, triangle, warrior II, side-angle, twisted triangle, locust, bridge, supine hand-to-foot I, supine hand-to-foot II, straight-legged twist, bent-knee twist and corpse pose. Each pose was held for 30 seconds [on each side]. 


David said...

Cherie, any articles about how shoveling snow helps the health. Probably not. Articles are always about heart attack snow shoveling. Yeah, that's why I bought Stormie my snow blower. I heard that you may have gotten a bit of snow there in Virgina. We are having some warmer weather to melt the snow we have but then starting Monday it back into the freezer with snow prediction any where from 3 to 20 inches depending on who you listen to. I do have some sprouts started in the basement just for fun. They are nothing that will go into the garden. Tomorrow, I'm tracking down more pallets to make some tomato cages. Would that be healthy exercise? Yeah, most likely not. I have learned to back off projects when I've reached my limits. I used to push to get some thing done but now not so much. It will still be there tomorrow .... or next week .... or next month. :-)

Have a great stretching healthy day.

Cherie said...

David, out of curiosity I googled shoveling snow for health benefits - and you're right, they're all abut how risky it is! We did get a good snow and were home bound for the long weekend - bliss! Enjoy slowing getting things done.