Friday, January 22, 2016

Farm Friday

Just the beginning of today's storm
Since I've been working away from home full time, I haven't been good about keeping notes of significant events during the week. So I'll just include a few highlights in this week's post:

  • Had our monthly sustainable living group meeting - over 20 in attendance! Topic was medicinal herbs.
  • Had to go to the office one day this week. Fortunately, that will be the norm so I won't spend a lot of time commuting - especially since my office is over an hour away.
  • Bought some more clothes at a new-to-me consignment shop not far from my office. (Sticking with my plan to buy only used clothes.) 
  • Had our weekly farm meeting. Now that the gardens are done, the meetings are pretty short.
  • Ordered seeds for our spring and summer gardens. We're going to be trying a few new varieties this year.
  • Although it snowed on Sunday, it was nothing like the blizzard that started around 6:30 this morning. It's supposed to last until mid-day tomorrow. The Washington Post says to expect to stay where we are until Sunday or Monday. Being homebodies, we don't have a problem with that. (Today's farmers' market was cancelled.)

Have a great week!

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David said...

Cherie, storm Jonas hit us last Tuesday and dumped about five inches of snow. It caused some cancellations during the evening hours but really it was relatively a nice behaved storm that is typical for Nebraska. By the next day city streets were cleared and by Thursday the roads were beginning to melt the snow off. My little Ranger truck named "Ranger Rick" is a bit light in the back to get around well so I put five cement blocks in the back and put on the new purchased chains and made it around for responsibilities just fine. Of course the city was littered with wrecks and people in the ditches. It's just a given in a city with a population of 600,000 that there will be less than careful drivers in a hurry. That puts our total snow fall for the Winter to be around 15 inches with about five inches still on the ground. I did take a trip out to Terra Nova Gardens just inspect the animal tracks and to see if my fence was keeping them out. I saw many deer tracks as well as another animal track that I suspect was raccoon tracks. They walked the perimeter of the back fence but none were inside the garden. Surprisingly, there were no rabbit tracks. I might just be able to get some sweet corn this year.

Have a great storm Jonas day.