Thursday, January 7, 2016

Avoiding New

This week I started my new job so it will be interesting to see how my blog evolves - and if I can even keep up with it.

Since one of my goals is to buy no new clothes, I thought this blog post would be helpful to those who are embarking on a similar journey. The blogger shares some very simple but effective tips on avoiding temptation when it comes to buying.

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David said...

Cherie, I'm not much into clothes but then again, I'm not working either. The advantages of retirement I guess. My clothes are mostly garden work clothes. Same with shoes. Boots and water proof boots are the main stay for gardening and Winter activities. I've discovered that each season of life has different attire requirements. Some professions require a suit and tie but I was never in one of those professions. So now until holes appear in the pants and shirts nothing new is purchased. If I was good at patching, I'd continue to wear some clothes a while longer. I've saved back a few old clothes to make scare crows for the garden. Not that they would scare any crows but just for decorations.

Have a great new job and clothes shopping day.