Sunday, July 12, 2015

Quote for the Day

"Our dilemma in agriculture now is that the industrial methods that have so spectacularly solved some of the problems of food production have been accompanied by ‘side effects’ so damaging as to threaten the survival of farming."
~Wendell Berry

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David said...

Cherie, I hope things went well at the Wild Goose Festival. Wendell's quotes are always filled with wisdom. It does seem that agriculture has followed a path of destruction. The higher yields of chemically grown crops have locked most Midwest farmers into a financial trap that is really difficult to break out of. In my opinion, $10,000 an acre farm land prices are greatly inflated. I am fearful that we are dancing dangerously close to a financial agriculture collapse. Many government programs have helped to keep up the farm prices including milk, eggs, and other things through subsidies. It's really scary to think about what could happen with the food industry in general.

I am glad to hear about gatherings like the Wild Goose Festival where like minded people can get encouragement and inspiration from folks like you and Bill. We have farmer's markets and roadside stands every where here in Nebraska but most are not organic or chemical free. I suppose it's still good to support the local growers and it is fresher than store bought. Even Walmart is starting to sell local produce when it's in season.

Have a great day of festival recovery.