Friday, July 17, 2015

Farm Friday

Last weekend we went out of town to the Wild Goose Festival in Hot Springs, North Carolina, to speak at a session (our topic was "Peacemaking through Sustainable Living"), as well as to enjoy the event and see friends we only get to see once a year. This was our fifth year as attendees (we were there for the first one) and third as presenters. In the past, we were on a panel; this year we had our own hour long session.

Days after the Festival, I always continue thinking about people we heard and talked to. Some of attendees are friends we've made over the years and sometimes only see that one weekend each year. The theme for the weekend was peacemaking (hence the topic we spoke on) and many of the speakers and panels focused on racial and gender issues. Recent events made the Confederate flag central to many of the discussions. And of course the recent Supreme Court ruling was another current event that was on everyone's mind. Lots of progress being made and issues to ponder. 

We attended a session presented by a Mennonite group called PeaceMakers. It was a church service during which a blacksmith started turning a weapon into a farm tool (from a Bible verse that talks about turning swords into plowshares). The gun used in the service we attended was donated by a man whose father committed suicide with the gun. For another service, they used a gun from Nazi Germany. Those who wished were allowed to hammer on the weapon as it was being formed into the tool. The service also commemorated those who were senselessly killed in Charleston. Powerful stuff.

It's always good to get away to the Festival - both to have some down time and to see there is hope in this crazy world.

Meanwhile, we're back to homesteading and farming. 
Bread fresh from the oven

Processing squash

Making yogurt from scratch

Enjoying the garden bounty along with flowers from the garden
A few highlights from the week:

  • Participated in the grand opening of a new mid-week farmers' market.
  • Baked four loaves of bread - experimented with it a little bit this week
  • Made yogurt from scratch using a starter
  • Processed squash and zucchini to freeze for winter use
  • Made some new recipes - a cucumber salad, a vegetarian cabbage lasagna, staghorn sumac tea, and a squash/zucchini casserole (and I'll be trying more next week)
  • Harvested some millet seed heads and hung them to dry
  • Planning to makes some squash pickles and zucchini salsa
Have a great week!


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I have a source for raw milk (um... for my dog) and want to try and make a batch of yogurt from scratch (um... for my dog).

happy Friday

Aimee said...

Great symbolism - love it!

Cherie said...

Shona, North Carolina sells raw milk for "pets." In Virginia, you have to buy "shares" in a cow in order to buy it. I want to use raw milk to make yogurt - my dog actually eats it :) - but haven't gotten around to changing my routine to go to NC to buy it (we're just north of the state line). I don't drink or use enough milk to buy a share.