Friday, July 3, 2015

Farm Friday

At the market last Saturday
Where has the time gone? This week was more of a typical week - busy but nothing unusual. Here's another quick summary:

  • Squash and zucchini are coming in good.
  • Bill harvested the garlic.
  • We've seen the end of English peas (green peas), onions (we're keeping the rest for ourselves), and most of the greens.
  • Deer ate the tops of our tomato plants so that harvest will be delayed. As my daughter says about things, "It's the forever struggle."
  • We saved the potatoes from the Colorado potato beetles and we'll start harvesting them soon.
  • Sold copies of the cookbook at the market, to delivery customers,and online. I hope customers are happy with it! Next I'll be working on the Kindle version.
  • Our new organic skin salve ("Go Ahead...Bite Me") was a popular item.
  • This is our second week selling aerated worm tea plant food (made from worm castings) and we've sold a few bottles. Bill did research on "worm tea" and discovered that it needs to be aerated to feed the microbes that make it effective.
  • Our dog Ginny is having acid reflux problems again. I'm pureeing most of her food now and feeding her smaller meals. I've also broken down and am trying some of the over-the-counter medicines. I'll be picking up my Azure Standard order tomorrow and it includes a bottle of aloe juice that I'll mix in her food.
  • We have a speaking engagement we need to get ready for. I've drafted my portion and will work with Bill on the final. The topic is "Peacemaking through Sustainable Living."
Have a great week!

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