Saturday, May 30, 2015

Farm Update

A head of our romaine lettuce (please ignore poor photography)
We had so much to do yesterday to get ready for the farmers' market that I wasn't able to post a "Farm Friday." Here are a few highlights from the week:

  • Got accepted as speakers at this year's Wild Goose. This year, instead of being on a panel, we will have our own session.
  • Slept outside under the stars
  • Helped set up our new drip irrigation system
  • Made deliveries
  • Line dried all the sheets and towels for our farm stay
  • Line dried all of our clothes and towels
  • Worked on two writing projects
  • Learned that Azure Standard now has a drop point in our area so signed up for the next delivery.
  • Got positive feedback on a salve I'll be selling soon. Spent part of this evening harvesting plantain, one of the ingredients.
Have a great week!


David said...

Cherie, my week as been a blend of caring for people and gardening. The neighbor that I help out with errands because of eye surgery is 84 years old. He went to see the doctor last Wednesday and after three laser surgeries and recovery for six months the prognosis is not good for driving again. His wife had a stroke a few years ago and can't drive either so they are dependent on others to drive them for errands and grocery shopping. I do most of that for them. My mother in law is 88 and is needing more and more attention for grocery shopping, medication monitoring, and general listening time. Others friends just need a listening ear at times. I still have promised a couple house step repair projects so summer activity is starting to ramp up. Oh, yeah, and my grandson is coming back for the summer and possibly to live here again. It's a great life if I just don't weaken. :-)

Have a great day of rest.

Aimee said...

With our miraculous mid 80's weather in a normally rainy May, my husband and I silently compete to see who can get the clothes out on the line the fastest :)

Cherie said...

David, how kind you are to help out your neighbors! Take time for yourself and don't wear yourself out!