Friday, February 27, 2015

Farm Friday

The season and weather have made it a quiet week on the farm. I had planned to drive to Greensboro to do some "big city" shopping, mainly at the health food store. As I left our house, a few snowflakes were falling but I decided it wasn't anything to worry about. However, when I got on the main highway, the snow was coming down good and sticking, plus the surface of the road was icy white in spots. As soon as I was able to turn around, I did and I stopped at our post office on the way. Good thing I had turned around because the postmaster told me that the roads in Greensboro were a "mess." However, when I got to our house, there was no snow at all. Apparently, the snow storm was to the south of us.

I decided to reschedule my trip for Thursday. This is what happened in the wee hours of Thursday morning:

Bill has planned to take the last two pigs to the processor on Wednesday. One of the girls went into heat, so he couldn't take them. The other one is now in heat, too, so he's postponing it until next week.

Although I'm a warm weather person, I've learned to appreciate winter. It's season of rest and recovery. As long as you don't have to get to job or school, staying home after a snow storm can be nice. But I do miss my flip flops.

Have a great week!

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Lisa said...

Very pretty. We had two snow storms last week and right now it's raining but it's about to be below freezing and we are predicted to get ice, sleet and snow! I'm ready for spring, ha.