Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday Morning Amusement

I had to share this meme I found on The Eco Cat Lady Speaks blog:

During the depression, my great-grandfather was a bootlegger. My uncle told me that he asked Grandpa Browning why on earth he had done such a thing. Grandpa replied that when you have a number of mouths to feed (he and my great-grandmother had a large family), you do what you've got to do. This meme made me think of him - as well as truly laugh out loud (despite the glaring grammatical error - I can't help myself).

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David said...

Cherie, right before my Dad died the family had a question answer night where any of the kids or grandkids could ask my Dad any question and he would try to answer as best he could. During that night of question and answer, the subject of earning income during my Dad's youth came up. Apparently, during alcohol prohibition my Dad was maybe five or six years old. His Dad my grandpa would deliver moon shine to the farmers in the area. My Dad's job was to take the product into the house of the buyer and collect the money and bring it back to his Dad. I was shocked that Grandpa was a moon shine runner. Those were really tough times which made for drastic measures to survive. It was the beginning of the great depression which my Dad was old enough to remember. Those were times when a leader of the family did just about any thing to help his family survive. I hope and pray that I never have to make those kinds of decisions.

Have a great brew what cha gotta brew day.