Friday, January 30, 2015

Farm Friday

This week I received the Virginia governor's "Year One:  The New Virginia Economy" report. While flipping through the publication, I saw in the table of contents that the First Lady was featured in one section. Since she is working on projects that are close to my heart, I turned to see what the report said about her. Imagine my surprise when one of the photos was of our farm, with Bill throwing cracked corn to the chickens!

When I sent out our farm's weekly newsletter, I commented that this is the time of year for patience. Here are a few of the things I have to be patient about:

Waiting for the leaves to return

Waiting for the shiitakes to come in

Waiting for the gardens to be planted and productive

Waiting for flowers to bloom
 Have a great week!


Aimee/EcoGrrl said...

Way cool article!!!!

David said...

Cherie, you and Bill have way more community influence than you realize. Your desire to educate people in a simpler lifestyle, especially in the area of food, is reaching into a bigger circle. Keep up the good work.

Snow is the topic of discussion here in Nebraska today. We have accumulated about 12 inches but it's what we call heart attack snow. It's a heavy wet sloppy snow. The only way to get it off the driveway and sidewalk is with a shovel because snow blowers don't deal with heavy sloppy snow very well. It has a tendency to plug them up. The only recourse is to use the old fashion shovel to remove the snow. Imagine, old school tools without computers or new technology has a way of coming to the rescue every time.

Have a great educating day.