Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday Morning Amusement

Today's post is edited:  I tried to share a video of people brawling over merchandise on Black Friday. But for some reason the link didn't work. It's funny but sad. Funny that grown people will stoop to such means to get stuff; sad that grown people will stoop to such means to get stuff. (The video and more can be found here.)

Our never-ending quest for material goods has led us to a culture of greed and violence. One way to combat this disease of affluenza is to participate in a media fast. Stop watching television and reading magazines/newspapers. The advertisements that fund the media (and promote the products of companies that OWN the media) are designed to foster a feeling of lack. Eliminate the feeling and you're cured of the disease.

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David said...

Cherie, I have never participated in Black Friday and never will. It totally disgusts me at the way people act to get a bargain. Most of my shopping is done online these days so I only have to go to the store to pick it up or it gets shipped directly to my house. Most of my media viewing is on Netflix or Hulu Plus. They do have some advertisements but not nearly as much as regular cable TV. It slays me to think that I pay for cable TV to watch nearly 15 minutes of advertisements an hour. If it weren't for my daughter living here, I would cancel the cable TV. I don't watch it much.

I am finding out now that Black Friday is being imported by England and France. Even though they don't celebrate the totally American Thanksgiving holiday, Black Friday shopping was advertised in those countries this year with the same results as here in the States. It's not exactly one of our best exports.

Have a great Christmas season day.