Friday, December 19, 2014

Farm Friday

Now that we no longer have as many deliveries and aren't scheduled to be at the market, we're taking life a little slower and venturing out a bit.  Last Saturday we took a field trip to the Bedford/Sedalia area. First stop was a great little restaurant, Town Kitchen Provisions, that serves homemade sandwiches, salads, and soups and uses locally and regionally sourced ingredients whenever possible. They also stock wines and beers from the region. While we were disappointed in the limited vegetarian options, we were delighted with the falafal sandwiches we ordered. The next stop was The Well, a small health food store that has a large selection of bulk herbs, along with some other bulk items, plus they carry local meats and some produce. The main reason for our trip was to help some farm friends celebrate the grand opening of their new store. In addition to offering their own beef and select items, Mountain Run Farm opened their space to local artisans to display wares for holiday shoppers. We connected with some familiar faces and met some new ones. We also picked up some vintage copies of Mother Earth News and will be sharing the wealth once we've read them.

On Sunday we had our weekly farm meeting, then did our seed inventory in anticipation of ordering seeds for the 2015 growing year. We kept seeds from this year but eliminated older seed since, as market farmers, we cannot take the chance of the seed not being viable. However, no fear, nothing goes to waste in our home. We separated out seeds that could be cooked and used for our dog, such as black beans, green peas, and purple hull peas. Now that she's on a whole food diet, I'm always looking for creative ways to feed her. Seeds that can't be used will be broadcast in an unused field on the farm. You never know what might take root or feed wildlife.

We had a nice holiday surprise as our son and his family visited Thursday night. An added bonus is that we have our granddaughter for several days. She and I ran errands together and then went to my interfaith women's group annual holiday luncheon. We'll be spending some more quality time together before she goes back to her house to celebrate Christmas.

Have a good week!


Aimee said...

most excellent...i'd love to see a post about your dog's whole food diet as i hear so many tips on how to do it online so would love a real live blogger pal's suggestions! :)

Cherie said...

Aimee, thanks for the suggestion. I plan to do that in the near future.