Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Good to Know

Some of the chanterelles we found on the farm 

Since I've been in the mushroom mood lately, I was curious as to what portobello mushrooms really are. After some internet research, I learned that portobello, crimini, baby bella, and white button mushrooms are all the same variety:  agaricus bisporus. Here's a quick summary of the minute differences from The Kitchn:
• The difference between these popular varieties of mushrooms is just age. The white button mushrooms, those very familiar kitchen staples, are simply the youngest variety. They have been cultivated, too, for that white color and soft texture. In the wild these mushrooms are usually browner.
• The portobello is the most mature mushroom here; it's really just an overgrown white mushroom! They are left to grow for longer, until they have spread out into that delicious meaty cap.
• The cremini mushroom, then, is just in between these two varieties. It's a moderately mature version of the white button mushroom, which is why it has a similar flavor. It's younger than the portobello, but still related, which is why these are sometimes sold as "baby bella" or "baby portobello" mushrooms.
However, not matter what they're called or what they look like, they're all delicious!

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