Saturday, November 9, 2013

Week in Review

I wasn't able to put up "Farm Friday" yesterday so I'm doing a quick week in review, instead.

Last Saturday was our first week to sell at a new location, a health food store about 45 minutes away.  We already have a drop off point about halfway there so it's no problem driving a bit more.  It was quite a challenge for the first delivery as we had to deliver our regular CSA shares, as well as preorders for the two locations plus have some items to sell once we got set up.  Today was our second Saturday doing this and we now seem to have a system set up.  Timing the picking, sorting the orders, and packing everything into my SUV in the early morning takes some brain work!  We've also learned that getting preorders is the key to making it work the drive, at least for now, because there's not a lot of pedestrian traffic at the location.  Once the word spreads, we expect to have more walk up customers.  However, having those preorders really helps us know what to bring.

Last week I got my new food processor slicing blade to make sweet potato, Yukon potato, and other chips in my dehydrator.  The food processor manufacturer no longer makes a thin enough blade for my model and I was fortunate to find one and then secure the winning bid on Ebay.  I made a batch that turned out pretty good but I'm still going to experiment a bit.
Sweet potato chips going into the dehydrator

We attended a local production of Macbeth.  They used the original script but changed the setting to a 1920s New York City speakeasy.  They used black and white clothes and set, and grey scale makeup to give it the feel of an old black and white movie.  

The fall colors have been spectacular.  Early one morning I was working in my office and looked out the window to see the world covered in a golden glow.  I tried to take photos but my camera didn't do it justice.  

On Tuesday we joined one of Land and Table's monthly potlucks.  The group is self-described as "a grassroots, community development initiative....We are cultivating a network of farmers, food producers, food artisans, eaters, gardeners, homesteaders and neighbors who want to change the way our region eats, for the better."  They're a great group, started by friends of ours.  Unfortunately, they meet about 1 1/2 hours away so we can't visit very often.  We try to attend every now and then because we not only get to see old friends, we get to meet and connect with like-minded people in our region.

We continue to get interest in our own group which I named "Piedmont Sustainable Living" until someone comes up with a better name.  We started a facebook page to continue making connections and to share information.

Tomorrow is our first weekend day "off" in quite a while.  Nothing scheduled at all.  I'm looking forward to it.

Have a great rest of the weekend!

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