Friday, November 1, 2013

Farm Friday

Once again, I failed to take photos of activities around the farm.  So, I'll share a quick list of some happenings:

  • Our granddaughter came for a visit.
  • We finished out the season at the farmers' market; it reopens next May.
  • I had two successful projects with my dehydrator:  dried shiitakes to use in soups this winter and flax/chia/sunflower crackers.
  • I had two failed projects with my dehydrator:  raw butternut squash cookies (too thin) and sweet potato chips (too thick - I bought a 1mm food processor disk on ebay to attempt again since we have so many sweet potatoes; maybe I can make regular potato chips, as well).
  • As part of my effort to be more sustainable, I purchased eight plates at Goodwill to help replace paper plates (which we did compost) at our various meetings.  I'm also going to look into using scrap fabrics to make cloth napkins.  I like any events we host to be as low impact as possible.
  • Bill harvested the black beans after letting them dry on the plants and I sorted and stored them.  We love using black beans in a variety of dishes, especially the traditional Cuban black beans and yellow rice.
  • We were finally able to visit our friends who run Four Corners Farm in Rocky Mount on their annual customer appreciation day.
  • Tonight we're going to a local production of Macbeth with a twist - it's set in a 1920s New York speakeasy.
  • Tomorrow, after our CSA and other deliveries, we're heading to a local health food store.  The owner invited us to sell in front of her store and we've already gotten a couple of pre-orders. 
Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Man I am so jealous over all your sweet potatoes! Mine still are teeny weeny underground, if I were closer I'd take some off your hands! Obviously your climate is different out there but still maybe you could tell me your secret! :)

By the way here's a recipe on freezing sweet potato hash browns -

Cherie said...

EcoGrrl, not sure what the secret is. However, a lot of the potatoes are very small and will be used to grow slips or composted. Thanks for the recipe - it looks delicious and a great way to use the sweet potatoes!