Friday, November 22, 2013

Farm Friday

Our CSA is wrapping up.  We only have a handful of deliveries left and mainly because we took a couple of weeks off when we were out of town which extended our season slightly.  Bill and I have to go our separate ways tomorrow.  He's going to deliver our CSA shares and the special orders, both at our usual drop point and and the health food store owner who has graciously allowed us to sell our produce, pork, and eggs on the sidewalk in front of her store.  I, on the other hand, will be at a craft show, selling my aprons and "therapy pillows," those rice-filled bags that can be used either hot or cold.  It's a handmade only event (unlike other's I've participated in), so I'm hoping there will be lots of shoppers looking to support local crafters (and avoiding next week's Black Friday at the big box stores).

Tomorrow night we're having our second gathering of Piedmont Sustainable Living.  We expect some more new faces.  It's so interesting how the idea of such a gathering has struck a cord for so many people in our area, many of whom were probably feeling as isolated as we were.

On a side note, I was excited to finally accomplish one of my goals - a plastic free shower!  We have zero plastic bottles in the shower now.  The only personal care products are soap, a shampoo bar, and a conditioner bar.  What took me so long to accomplish this goal was that, in a moment of weakness, I purchased a tube of organic facial scrub.  It seemed to take me forever to get through it.  I was thrilled when I was able to toss the tube.  

We continue to have lots of yummy greens, especially the superfood kale.  We're growing four kinds:  Vates, red Russian, Siberian, and dinosaur.  I purchased some dulce at the above-mentioned health food store, cut it into tiny pieces and added it to sauteed kale.  Yum - very flavorful!  This morning I made farm-fresh scrambled eggs with chopped and sauteed Siberian kale, garlic powder, and turmeric.  That was delicious, as well.  My next use of kale will be in some green smoothies.  I'll keep you posted on how they turn out.

Have a great weekend!

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