Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Taste of Tuesday

Over the weekend I made the most delicious stir fry and thought I'd share it here.  Since I made it up as I went along, I don't have specifics on quantities or cooking times but I think an experienced cook will be able to make it - or maybe even something better!  

File:Pak Choy (3697978780).jpg
I wish I had taken a photo - you'll have to be satisfied with this stock photo.

Pac Choi Stir Fry

Toasted sesame oil
Sunflower oil
Pac choi, stems separated from the greens and chopped; the greens thinly sliced
Carrots, cut into matchsticks
Zucchini, cut into matchsticks
Onion, thinly sliced
Mung bean sprouts (homegrown)
Short-grain brown rice
Peanuts, crushed
Asian sauce of your choice - soy, tamari, stir fry sauce, etc.

I heated a tiny bit of toasted sesame oil with some sunflower oil and stir fried the pac choi stems, carrots, zucchini, and onion.  I added the pac choi greens and cooked until they were almost wilted, then added the mung bean sprouts until they were heated through.  I served this mixture with the brown rice and sauce, and sprinkled the peanuts over the top.

Bon appetit!

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