Friday, October 4, 2013

Farm Friday

Today's post will be a quick one - without photos.  I'm working on our community's CROP Hunger Walk which will take place Sunday afternoon and, if you're not familiar with these walks, go to Church World Service website to learn more, to find out if there's one in your area, or if not, to learn about starting one!  The Walks, which are sponsored by Church World Service, focus on hunger issues, both nationally and abroad.  

Part of my job as the publicity chairperson for our walk is to pick up a character costume, called "Skippy", from the organizer of a neighboring walk.  This morning I drove the hour or so to get Skippy and was amazed by all of the beautiful wild flowers planted along the highway.  Large patches of flowers have been planted by whatever agency handles the highway maintenance and landscaping and they're in full bloom.  I wanted to stop to take some photos but it's really not safe to stop on a four lane highway.  While in "the big city," I stopped by Earth Fare, a store similar to Whole Foods, to pick up some bulk ingredients and staples that we can't produce on the farm.  A fellow shopper was looking for something called farro and, when she described it, I decided I just had to try some.  It sounded delicious!

Although our summer crops didn't do well this year - for a variety of reasons that I've mentioned in the past - our fall crops and a few late summer crops are making up for it.  We've done so well, that Bill will be at the farmers' market tomorrow morning selling, among other things, red Russian kale, collard greens, purple hull peas (a kind of black-eyed pea), shiitake mushrooms, La Ratte fingerling potatoes, and farm-fresh eggs.  

I won't be able to work the market tomorrow as I have another errand to run for Sunday's Walk.  A local food service company has generously donated apples to us for snacks for all the walkers and I have to pick them up.

Have a great weekend!

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