Friday, June 28, 2013

Farm Friday

I keep thinking I'm making a dent in my "To Do" list but then when I write out a new one, it's as long as the previous one.  

We had a busy day at the farmer' market on Saturday.  We saw lots of our regular customers and met some new ones.  We continue to make our CSA deliveries three times a week and have gotten great feedback from members.

Yesterday was particularly busy.  We had several visitors to the farm store, then I had to do our CSA delivery alone while Bill went to the Southern Virginia Meat Goat Association meeting to speak about our philosophy and vision for sustainable farming and living.  We were both scheduled to be there but were afraid, with the delivery, that we would be late.  I ended up making it right on time.  One of the members wrote a nice article about us that was published in the Lynchburg News Advance.

While on the topic of our philosophy, I want to share a book that is on my bookshelf (still waiting to be read):
Of course, the topic is not new to my readers.  However, what is surprising is when this book was published (sorry about the poor quality photo):
It was originally published in 1960!  Surely people thought the author, Mr. Longgood, was a crackpot.  However, time has proven him to be correct.  In fact, skimming through the book, I see how much worse it is today than it was when he wrote the book - they hadn't even invented GMOs!

I'm slowly working on getting the farm house ready to be a weekend "farm stay" in the fall.  I've been planting more flowers and herbs to go with the flowers our previous tenant planted:

 And this is what we did Tuesday evening:

 Yum!  (And this is just the beginning!)
I should be publishing much better photos in the future - I got an iphone!  Due to many things, including needing better portable internet access for my job, I finally broke down and got a new phone.  

Have a great weekend!

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