Friday, February 8, 2013

Farm Friday

We were more about the business of farming this week.   The t-shirts we ordered arrived and we were pleased with how they came out.  We also designed and printed some of our new farm brochures, which was just in time to pass out at a speaking engagement.  Bill spoke at a local garden club and the members were enthusiastic about our message and what we do.  Yesterday, I even got a call from one of the ladies who was looking to purchase eggs and produce.

We'll be going to a farm conference later in the week and hope to learn much from it and to network with other farmers.  I was especially delighted that they offered a vegan option for dinner one evening.

I'm happy that the days are longer.  I realized how the daylight hours are extending when I was making dinner one night and noticed it was still light at 6:00.  Some of my flower bulbs are starting to poke through the ground.  One crocus has even started to show a bloom.  Yay for the coming spring!

Have a great weekend!


EcoGrrl said...

ooh i didn't know you had a separate farm site! i LOVE the picture of the piggy on the front page - should be a t-shirt w/ that photo on it too!!

what a beautiful life you lead..

Bill said...

EcoGrrl - great suggestion on the shirt!

shoreacres said...

We have light until 6 now, too. I'm back to full eight hour work days, as long as the dew isn't heavy.

The redbuds haven't bloomed yet, but there's some forsythia and daffodils around. It won't be long for us - Valentine's day is the traditional time to prune back roses. I've already pruned the Cape Honeysuckle, and the new growth is coming.

Oh! and the homegrown strawberries are in! I brought home six quarts from the farmers' market Saturday. I'd better get them cleaned tonight!