Thursday, April 14, 2011


Last week was a busy week for us as we hosted two of the children from His Little Feet choir plus their American chaperon.  This year, the choir is made up of 15 children from Danita's Children, the orphanage in Haiti.  

Our visitors were Falencia (aged 10, on the left in front) and Djoulie (aged 8, on the right)  who stayed with us for three days.  We thought that the girls might enjoy staying on our farm, visiting with the various animals that live here.  However, the girls had much in common with their American neighbors in that they were most happy when allowed to watch old Disney movies.

Their visit made us painfully aware of the differences in the standard of living between the United States and Haiti.  I found myself suddenly aware of our ability to flip on a switch in any room for lighting or to turn on a faucet whenever we wanted water for drinking, cooking, or bathing.  Food is always available in both the pantry and the refrigerator.  Although these children are extremely well cared for at Danita's Children and they do have the luxury of electricity and clean water, these commodities are very precious and limited.  

The children gave an amazing performance at our church.  The purpose of the choir is to help bring orphan awareness to the United States and to find families willing to adopt internationally.  Although the children at Danita's Children are not available for adoption, His Little Feet is partnered with America World Adoptions,  an organization that facilitates adoptions.

The choir has a couple of other dates on their calendar, then they return to His Little Feet's home base in Colorado for a week before returning home.  Although the children have enjoyed their visit to the United States (which included seeing snow for the first time and visits to Disneyland, the Grand Canyon, and Washington, DC), they are all looking forward to being home.

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