Thursday, April 21, 2011

Iris Update

Our most recent farm addition, Iris, continues to be as cute as ever.  However, I had to intervene and start bottle feeding as I realized she wasn't getting any nourishment and wouldn't make it otherwise.  Her mother, Maggie, is actually a very good mother.  The problem is that Maggie suffered from a severe case of mastitis last year and apparently has scar tissue that is preventing her from producing milk on one side of her udder.  She has plenty of milk on the other side, but silly Iris refuses to nurse on that side.  Repeated attempts to show her where the milk is have ended in frustration for both the humans and the goats.  

As a result, little Iris now has me at her beck-and-call.  Four times a day she gets warmed up cows milk in a bottle.  Instinct kicks in when I'm done bottle feeding and she rushes over to her mother to supplement her bottle.  However, she now recognizes me as her source of nourishment and tries to chew on my chin when I pick her up.

Here's a photo of the happy trio - me, Iris, and Maggie:

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