Monday, April 25, 2011

End of Lent

Well, I managed to finish out the Lenten season without breaking my vows.  I'm going to donate the money I saved on wine to Blood:Water Mission, a great organization that helps to alleviate the water crisis in Africa.  This is my second year in vowing "Not a Cent for Lent" and, again, I found it a very eye-opening experience.  I had vowed to not spend money on anything except the basics: food and toiletries.  This vow ended up being beneficial to me as I had no reason to go into stores or malls, so I saved time, and I didn't have to waste effort mulling over the pros and cons of making purchases.  The bonus for me was that my monthly bills were drastically reduced - and I don't even consider myself a *shopper*!  I can't imagine the savings for someone who considers shopping their favorite pastime!  This vow allowed me to make a second donation, one to our local domestic violence coalition, which has long-term plans to build a shelter to replace the one that closed last year.  

Both vows ended up being pretty much pain-free.  I really didn't miss the wine or the frivolous spending and I am hoping this experience will have a permanent impact on my life and habits.   One year, I gave up watching the news for Lent and discovered that, not only was I a happier person, but I really didn't miss television.  As a result, I eventually cancelled our satellite TV subscription.  This year, having an extended period of time to think about the differences between needs and wants has made me understand that less spending can both simplify my life and have an impact on the lives on others.  

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Shona~ LALA dex press said...

It's wonderful when these seemingly small personal changes become second nature.