Monday, January 10, 2011


Yesterday I returned from my trip to Haiti.  It feels as if I haven't experienced the New Year as I left home on January 1.  Getting to Haiti is always complicated but it was more so this trip.  Our daughter left for a study abroad program and for convenience sake we decided to begin our trip on the same day, out of the same airport.  That particular airport is about 4 1/2 hours from home and we all had 7 a.m. flights so that meant leaving a day early and getting a hotel room near the airport.  When we go to Haiti we fly into the Dominican Republic as the town we visit, Ouanaminthe, is a border town.  Since we were going to be in the D.R. and since we haven't had a vacation in over six years, we spent a couple of days at a resort before journeying to Haiti.  After a little R and R, we crossed the border, about 3 hours away, and spent 2 1/2 days visiting friends at the two orphanages we work with.  We were able to see old friends, meet new friends, visit with one of the children we sponsor, and even got to see one of the local girls who captured my heart on our last visit.  Returning home meant another day at the resort, then flying back to the States with a plane change in Miami.  It was a very productive and rewarding trip and over the next few weeks I plan to share a bit more.  In the meantime, I'll share a photo of Widlene (on the left), the village girl whom I've befriended thanks to Brittany, a missionary at Danita's Children, and Widlene's sister Magdalene.  

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LRS4AMANDA said...

Hi Cherie,

A couple from our neighborhood were over in Haiti a few months ago. They are having a terrible time with that Cholera outbreak... As if those poor people haven't had enough to deal with. They are still in great need of assistance. :(