Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Thing of Beauty

There she is.  Isn't she a beauty?  The Barnes and Noble Nook - an electronic book reader.  I've been planning to get one for a while, ever since a friend started researching readers and learned that the Nook is compatible with e-books available for free through libraries.  Of course I wanted to buy some books;  but free is so much better, especially for books that I'm only going to read once.  

However, I keep putting off purchasing one.  I think the problem is I really love books.  Just like in a previous post where I talked about the tactile experience of magazines, I feel the same way about books.  And also there are older, out-of-print books that I would like to have that just aren't available in electronic format.  On the pro side of the issue, I can travel with thousands of books, which really comes in handy when you fly.  Not only are you limited to two carryons, but you have to schlep everything around yourself and books can weigh a lot.

To buy or not to buy, that is the question.  I'm going to keep mulling it over and will let you know when I make a decision.. 


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I see their benefits (like traveling with 1000 books) but I just cannot do it. We were camping earlier this summer + there were 3 people trying to figure out how to use a new solar charger to re-power their e-readers. Then there was the issue of having to essentially get in line. OK, I admit it, my boyfriend + I over did it in the smug dept. prancing around with our books.

Cherie said...

Shona, great story!

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Ug, your comment was a "no-reply" + I don't know how to change that so I can just send e-mail answers instead of jumping to someone's comments.

I make my matzo ball soup vegetarian. Traditionally it's pretty much chicken noodle soup with matzo balls, but I use veg broth + no meat. The matzo ball binder is eggs, so it's not vegan. Some of my Jewish friends make fun of the way I make it- so Goy.