Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Considering Taking the Leap

For a while now I've been toying with the idea of eliminating our satellite TV subscription.  A discussion on a group I belong to has gotten me closer to my final decision.  My husband doesn't watch television at all.  I rarely watch it, especially since I gave up watching the news.  Occasionally, when I don't feel like reading or the weather is bad, I like to tune into a few shows that are already in their upteenth season, so many episodes are played throughout the day.  I recently did some research and realized that, for less than I pay for a month's subscription, I could purchase used copies of three seasons of shows.  That's a lot of occasional viewing.  Plus, once I was done, I could resell those DVDs.  Since I never watch new programs, whenever I hear about one that might be interesting, I can always try one DVD through Netflix and, if it looks interesting enough, I could purchase an entire season.  

The down side of cancelling is that our children do watch a few programs.  However, they're away at college eight months out of the year and I'm having a hard time justifying paying that monthly fee just so they have something to do when they're home and bored.  

I'll keep you posted as to my decision...

Photograph source:   http://www.freedigitalphotos.net
Photographer:  Salvatore Vuono


Adrienne said...

We have not had cable or satellite for about 20 years. All we've had is an antennae on top of our old TV.
Now we have a DTV converter box that we purchased for $9.00 with the government coupon.

We've never missed it one teeny bit. I only have a few shows I watch in the winter. Most of what's on TV is just plain trash and not worth wasting our time on.

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

do it!
do it!
do it!

We did it in Feb and have never looked back. There was this moment of "GASP! what have we done?" but the house is so quiet, there is only intentional viewing via lovely, lovely Netflix (both DVDs + instant watch) + Hulu. We hook the laptop to the TV, which acts like a monitor, for streaming shows + all is well in no cable land.

Samual said...

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