Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Finally - The Reveal

I've been putting off this reveal for several reasons.  First, I'm lazy; I had to take the photos, upload them, and then edit them to a size suitable to my blog.  Second, I'm not a good photographer (and I think my camera isn't the best, either).  This is something I'd like to remedy someday.  Finally, the room really isn't finished.  I want to buy or make some type of window treatment for the window seats and add some matching pillows, as well.  I have a few decorative items I need to get out of storage and add to make it a bit more homey.  One obstacle that I need to overcome is that all four walls slope, making it impossible to hang any art, so the room looks a bit bare.  

Regardless of all that, here are the photos:

Now I have a place to do yoga, exercise, read, study, do crafts, and, most importantly, nap without interruption.


Adrienne said...


It looks like the perfect retreat - peaceful and inviting. And I love the pink couch, so feminine.

You know how some men have "man caves" to escape to watch sports and drink beer? This looks like the female equivalent - a room to read, relax, ponder and exercise.


Fiona said...

Nicely done Cherie. It's feminine but not too frilly. It looks like a lovely place to watch a French movie, meditate and all the other wonderful ways to relax you mentioned. Thank you for sharing.

Cherie said...

Adrienne, Thank you for the complement. Actually, the couch is actually red and white check but it does blend into a feminine pink. Ha! A man cave! That's what I always called my son's room before he went away to college. I do think of the room as a place to get away, relax, etc. and have decided to call it my boudoir.

Fiona, thank you so much. I do plan to watch French (and other) movies there. I just need to figure out how to hook up the DVD player...

Deanna said...

Very nice! You are going to love your boudoir.

Cherie said...

Thank you, Deanna. Now I just have to get in the habit of using the space!