Friday, March 25, 2016

Farm Friday

It might appear as if I've abandoned my blog. I haven't. I had  several blog posts planned but then time slipped away from me. My niece and her husband were in the area so we met them in Greensboro (about an hour away) for dinner one night. My aunt, our son, our daughter-in-law, and our granddaughter joined us so it was a nice family event. A few other events - farm and work - kept me from home so I've had less leisure time than usual which also kept me from blogging.

Spring has sprung in our part of the world. Bill got our seedlings planted yesterday. He worked into the evening anticipating an overnight rain that didn't come. Now he's going to have to lay down the drip irrigation lines. He planted potatoes today and will finish up tomorrow. A friend gave us some thornless blackberry canes and I purchased a couple of raspberry plants. We're going to put them in what has become our perennial/permaculture garden. Our asparagus crowns are shipping next week so we'll have an even larger asparagus bed.

Even though I haven't abandoned blogging, I'm planning some changes soon. I feel with my new job, our returning to a homesteading rather than market farm mindset, and other outside influences caused me to rethink this blog. In the meantime, here are some photos I took around the farm during this evening's paseo:
Beautiful sunset

The tulips I planted last year are coming in

It's the most wonderful time of the year!
Have a good week!

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