Friday, October 9, 2015

Farm Friday

We're winding down our farmers' market season with just three more market days left this year. That doesn't mean the work ends! We'll continue with deliveries as long as our gardens produce. I'm also going to be working three events where I can sell aprons and other crafts, as well as my cookbook and Bill's book. 

A rundown of some of the things I've accomplished this week:

  • baked 6 loaves of bread
  • finished 5 aprons and have 3 more almost done
  • dried a couple of batches of shiitake mushrooms
  • harvested and dried basil
  • harvested and dried oregano
  • accompanied Bill to a local church where he spoke about his book
  • hosted a group of senior citizens on a tour of the farm
  • made a delivery
  • worked the farmers' market on Saturday
  • was supposed to work our area's CROP Hunger Walk. That got cancelled due to the weather. 
  • celebrated another trip around the sun
Have a great weekend!

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