Friday, October 23, 2015

Farm Friday

Yesterday, during a drive to a nearby town, I really noticed how fall is in the air. Both sides of the two-lane highway were lined with trees in various shades of autumn. Even though I'm not a cool weather person, I appreciate the beauty of changing seasons.

A little glimpse into my week:

  • Worked a craft festival (while Bill manned our booth at the farmers' market). Didn't do so well at the festival but connected with some people. (We did have a good turn out for the farmers' market.) Met a cute couple at the festival who crafted together: he makes jewelry and crochets; she sews. Bought this sweet little ipod pouch from her:

  • Friends visited on Sunday and helped with the sweet potato harvest. All the rain was bad for the crop and much of it rotted. We're curing the potatoes now and will see what is salvageable. I'm looking forward to making this lentil, Swiss chard, sweet potato curry.
  • Started prepping for two holiday shows.
  • Hosted a homeschool group on Wednesday - 44 people attended:

  • Did some thrifting and scored two sweaters. I'm low on sweaters (maybe because I remain in denial about cold weather) and have a hard time finding ones I like. In addition to the thrifted sweaters, I found two more at an outlet mall we visited during a day trip.
  • We continue to supply our local farm-to-table restaurant with some of our fresh greens.
  • Attended the Garnier-Thiebault warehouse sale. This was the first time for me and they had such beautiful linens and towels that it was hard to resist. But resist I did and I only bought necessary items such as a few white tablecloths to replace ones that got lost when they were used for an event. I also picked up a couple of beautiful, lush bath sheets plus a new bath mat. Now I know to save up my linen and towel needs in the future and only buy from this twice-a-year sale.
  • Two parts on my food processor recently broke and I finally did some research and found used replacements on Ebay.
  • Started working on my goals for next year. 
Have a great week!


Deanna said...

I wholeheartedly agree with you about cold weather. I did place an order with Land's End last night for three long sleeved t's and a cardigan. Much as I might hope otherwise I know I can't wear tank tops all winter. (On the off chance you might want to place an order, I have a link which will save you $25 off a $75 order.)

Cherie said...

Deanna, thanks for the offer of the link - what a good deal! But I think I'm set for the winter - clothes-wise anyway. :)