Friday, October 2, 2015

Farm Friday

Some of my artisan bread cooling on a rack
After a very dry summer, the fall has turned wet, wet, wet. Plus we have Hurricane Joaquin coming up the east coast. For now, the garden's are loving the cooler and wet weather. We have a crop of the prettiest greens we've ever had. 

A recap of some of this week's events:

  • We had a family wedding this past weekend so had lots of family and friends staying with us. 
  • We continue to add international flair to our farm and had our first visitor from Columbia. She even showed me how to make scambled eggs Columbian style!
  • Held our final mid-week farmers' market.
  • Attended a social media workshop
  • Started experimenting with the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day
  • Began work on aprons for the upcoming holiday markets
  • Delivered produce to our new farm-to-table restaurant
  • Did a little bit of hurricane prep by cooking dishes to have on hand in case we lose power
  • Had a change in plans for our area's CROP Hunger Walk (I'm on the planning team) due to the weather. We've changed the venue so I had to get the word out to the media and on social media.
  • Ran my usual weekly errands
  • Learned to identify yet another wild and edible mushroom - puffballs
  • And a surprise:  Our farm will be featured in a calendar put out by a local non-profit. They do this calendar each year and this year's theme is local food! Can't wait to see it!
Have great week!


David said...

Cherie, this week has been busy for me as well. I did get started on the sweet corn fortress and have two of the four posts erected for the chicken wire fence inside the six foot wooden fence to keep the raccoons out. It's finally all coming together after four years. It's not easy taming a piece of land that's been wild all it's life. I have a great respect for the pioneers that came and settled Nebraska now that I have had to deal with a piece of land that would have been similar to what they would have had to tame. It's a good thing that I don't have to survive on what I grow. I'd be pretty skinny and eating a lot wild edible weeds that's for sure.

Have a great farmer's market day.

P.S. I was praying that the hurricane would miss all my blogger friends on the east coast and was glad to see that it will. Now I'm praying that the rain fall out will not become flash floods.

Deanna said...

What do you think of the bread? I've wanted to try it myself. I made two braided loaves of Challah yesterday. I took one to church for World Communion Sunday and tonight I sliced some for French toast. It was wonderful!

Cherie said...

David - you have been busy! But a good busy - that's what the sustainable life is all about. I recently read that up until the transcontinental rail line was completed, it took 6 months to travel from New York to San Francisco and that it was a very dangerous trip. Maybe that's why my relatives stayed in the east until the 20th century! Thanks for the prayers. We got a lot of rain but not as much as expected and then of course the hurricane decided to leave us alone.

Cherie said...

Deanna - I'm still a very inexperienced bread baker - you leave me behind in your (flour) dust with braided Challah. :) The 5 minute bread is easy and good but I think I like what I call "Mark Bittman's bread" recipe better. I really need to take a class so I can learn the science behind bread baking - and learn more about the various flours, yeasts, etc.

Deanna said...

The braided challah is actually surprisingly easy. I'll have to check out Mark Bittman's bread. Thanks!