Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wellness Wednesday - Organic Infographic


David said...

Cherie, I believe we all are aware that we should be eating better but since no instant repercussions from continuing to eat what we have always eaten happens, we are sometimes lulled into the notion that maybe it just isn't as bad as we think it is or that we will be the exception. Long term degradation of health doesn't seem like anything is really happening until it does. Some consider it suffering to eat healthy and give up the tasty industrialized food of the regular grocery store and fast food restaurants. When it comes to especially eating our culture has no self control. We are such an instant society that if there are no side effects right away then it must be ok and not harmful. You would have thought that we would have learned from the detrimental health issues caused by long term smoking and alcohol consumption, but we haven't. We have continually turned to science and the medical field to come up with a pill we can take so we can live the way we want to live. It saddens me to see just how far we have gone down hill just in my life time.

I haven't given up hope though. There are still sparks of life in people like you and Bill that believe there is a better way and aren't afraid to voice it and teach it. I truly admire all that you two do in your realm of influence, especially since in the world's eyes, you gave up the good life for a life of struggle and uncertain income. It doesn't make any sense to them but then they don't know any better, right? :-)

Have a great wellness Wednesday.

EcoCatLady said...

Thanks for posting this... I found it very interesting, especially the parts about organic methods actually increasing crop yields - I've so often heard that it's the other way around.