Friday, April 10, 2015

Farm Friday

Walking with Ginny after a thunderstorm
Some highlights from the week:

  • Attended a farmers' market vendor training session; was encouraged by the number of farmers in the area who are interested in "organic" farming
  • Got to use my new clothesline - fewer loads in the dryer!
  • Heard Ellen Gustafson speak - very inspirational to me both as a farmer and as someone who was involved in the nonprofit sector; she believes local food can feed the world and that nonprofits need to solve the problem they're focused on and then have an exit strategy
  • Continued my work on a couple of writing projects
  • Started preparations for our open house
  • Took more steps to move us closer to opening our farm stay
  • Prepped for a craft show
  • Found a few shiitake mushrooms on our logs
  • Asparagus is starting to come in and I made an asparagus/wild onion pizza with mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses
  • Coordinated feed orders with two other farms so now we can get our GMO-free feed delivered directly to our farm every month. Saves time and money for all of us.
Have a great week!


David said...

Cherie, my week was a busy one as well even through it rained most of the week. It was a dreary misty kind of rain that lasted nearly four days. It was great for putting moisture in the ground but miserable to live through knowing that work needs to be done in garden. All those things that were piling up because of being in the garden all day got the attention they needed so it wasn't a total loss. You are a bit more organized than I am. I do have a go to list for things that need attention but there's not scheduled time to get them done. Usually the items on the list that get the attention are the ones that are in dire need to get done like right now it's taxes. Yeah, my favorite thing to do. Since I'm single with only charitable contributions and house mortgage interest for deductions, I creep ever closer to that time when I won't qualify for the itemized deductions and will only be able to file the short form. I suspect taxes for you and Bill are a bit more complicated with a market business.

Now that the rain has stopped, I'll be back in the garden next week. I'm sure the rain has produced many weeds to take care of. The grass is started to grow so very soon the weekly lawn mowing will begin. When that starts life gets really busy.

Have a great market farm day.

April Michelle said...

Ginny! I'm glad I have my own lab mix now. Oh and we're getting a cat soon. I think spending so much time on the farm rubbed off on Phil and myself.

Cherie said...

David, we had some of that drizzly weather here, too. I had wanted to work in the flowerbeds - plant some transplants, pull weeds, trim around the beds with the weed eater - but it was too damp. I do wish I had sowed some flower seeds right before so they could be soaking up all the good moisture!

Cherie said...

April, until I had Ginny, I didn't know what great dogs labs are. And of course I miss my kitty Dixie - I know you'll enjoy having a cat, too. Glad all the farm time had a positive effect on you both. :)

Ariana Schwarz said...

Asparagus / wild onion pizza, yum! You are living my dream life- beautiful picture!

Cherie said...

Ariana, some people would say your life is the dream. :)