Friday, April 3, 2015

Farm Friday

A few highlights from this week:

  • Did some more bulb transplanting this week of naturalized daffodils and blue hyacinth, plus I pulled more weeds in the flowerbeds at the farmhouse, trying to get ready for our open house later this month.
  • Distributed flyers for our open house.
  • Bought two raised bed kits that we'll use as a raised bed demo at the open house. They'll allow me to expand our herb and flower production.
  • Since we're in the middle of egg season, I took the time to freeze some extra eggs to make dog meals when the hens are taking a break.
  • Tried a new recipe:  caramelized onions baked with sliced potatoes and Swiss cheese. Yum!
  • Wrote a script and put together a PowerPoint presentation for a talk we're doing on Big Ag.
  • Finally switched our insurance over to a farm policy so that we can now offer our farmhouse as a farm stay B&B.
  • Designed new a new farm banner and magnets for my delivery vehicle.
  • Bought the fixings to turn my back deck into a clothesline. I've been drying most of my clothes by hanging them in the laundry room, putting them on a portable rack, or draping them over the furniture and railings on the back deck. This project will give me more space so I will rarely need my dryer when we have warm, dry weather.
  • I've been nurturing some herbs and flowers that I've started from seed, taking them outside during the day and inside at night.
  • Helped Bill put up a portable fence around the new greens garden.
  • Talked to the chef at a local school about selling them some of our pork sausage for an event they're having next week.
  • Saw some beautiful sunsets:

Have a great week!


Ariana Schwarz said...

Gorgeous sunset! I love the sunsets here, but there is something about the sunsets back home- maybe all the fields and trees make it even more beautiful :)

Cherie said...

Ariana, thanks for visiting my blog! I enjoy reading yours and appreciate your commitment to sustainable living in Paris!